GMK 6400 All Terrain Crane

This 450 ton all-terrain crane is the strongest six-axle crane in the world and features a range of unique design elements including a single engine concept, self-rigging MegaWingLift and the MegaDrive hydrostatic drive system. Watch the video to see how this machine can get the job done… and then some!

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GMK 6300 All Terrain Crane

This 350-ton crane features the latest technology and safety features, but most importantly the longest on-board main boom in the city of Detroit at 262 ft. Jobs are more competitively priced because we do not have to spend time and money mounting jibs and swingaway booms which require more equipment and labor.

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GMK 5275 All Terrain Crane

The system’s versatility and performance allows the GMK5275 to operate as a true all-terrain crane. The MEGATRAK™ independent suspension and all-wheel steer system allows wheels to remain on the ground at all times so stresses and weight are not continually transferred between axles.

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Rent a Grove GMK All Terrain Crane

These heavy lifting all-terrain GMK cranes will get the job done. Inquire about the GMK 6300L, GMK 5275, or GMK 6400 crane today!

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